Here is a list of particularly helpful resources that help to frame out the history of Bell & Howell:

Websites Articles:

-The Made in Chicago Museum

-Bell & Howell (Wikipedia)

-Gun Sight Aim Point (GSAP) History Lesson

-Bell & Howell Standard Cinemachinery Type 2709

-The Bell & Howell / Canon Camera Relationship

-Bell & Howell Eyemo Standard Portable Automatic Professional Motion Picture Camera

-Bell & Howell Company

-The 16mm Bell & Howell Filmo

-Bell & Howell Camera-Wiki

J. M. Ehrenberg and L. J. Roberts, “Seventy-Five Years of Motion-Picture Standards: Contributions of the Bell & Howell Co.,” in SMPTE Journal, vol. 92, no. 10, pp. 1058-1065, Oct. 1983.
doi: 10.5594/J04133

-Filmo Topics

Filmo Topics

-“Bell & Howell’s New Direction” (The New York Times Article 1983) *This article served as an important historical record of how the company was managed and the causes of its decline.

-The Vintage Camera Lab (Bell & Howell)

The Vintage Camera Lab (Bell & Howell)


Bell & Howell Company: A 75 Year History, by Jack Fay Robinson, 1982

Interesting Future Articles:

“The Pelican”


“The WAAC”